Monday, December 4, 2006

Pregnancy week 17: Food poisoning, self administered?

The weekend. Despite travels far and wide from Bolivia to India, my own home cooking for 11 American family members on Saturday night made me the sickness we can ever recall. Nobody else has been sick thank God. It started with feeling completely bloated during dinner after some non alcoholic mulled wine and a small Christmas dinner as there just didn't seem to be space inside, then being glad for a walk to the end of the harbour for the boat show, to going to bed with a stomach ache and waking up at 2am and being sick repeatedly into a bucket whilst still in bed after writhing around for hours. I did most of the food preparation on Friday and the cooking on Saturday so know every step of what went on with the meal. Very different from the morning sickness so it can't be that as that was just an all day throbbing nausea and occasional vomits without stomach pains. Anyway, inevitably worried that everything's ok with Boo.

Party at the Viceroy through Jason's work, very posh and trendy, models floating around on lilos sipping blue cocktails, Jason pole dancing with bunny girls around the pool (and me being worried he'd fall in), male synchronised swimmers, a private cabana.

An incredible night, 2 glasses of longed for champagne which tasted divine after such an absence.

I felt absolutely blooming, attractive and happy. Strangers coming up and stroking my belly and calling me a hot mama on the dance floor.

Wonderful evening to mark my 2nd trimester of feeling great (food poisoning aside, of course).

Boo’s length 13cm, weight 150g (5¼oz)

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