Monday, December 18, 2006

Pregnancy week 19: The sex!

Anomaly scan went great and we walked away with a video of Boo. We know the sex! which is wonderful news and will help me plan emotionally for the future, football or ballet? Boo's little feet so visible, made me feel, will they be future marathon runners like daddy's?

To the doubters who think it’s a bad idea to know the sex, I guess I don’t really understand the idea of NOT knowing the sex. It’s only that technology predicated the tradition, the inability to know the sex before birth and therefore, when the baby arrived, everyone could rejoice in knowing the sex then. But if the technology exists, then why not find out? I like to turn that argument on its head. Also because after 6 years of waiting, why would we want to wait any longer? And perhaps too, there’s a big part of me that wants to know which way my dreams should go. We both seemed to instinctively know that Boo would be a boy, no idea why, just a strong feeling from the outset. Boo’s manhood, his family jewels, were quite clearly on display.

Flew back to London and despite the sumptuous business flat bed, didn't sleep well at all. Back playing up.
The christening of Lucia Beatrice Grace Hall was a wonderful event. I felt incredibly touched during the service when reading out the Gospel reading and speaking the words, the baby leapt in her womb. It should be any day now that I have that sensation. The weather was truly icy, crisp and foggy and I decided that I was clearly better inside than out.
Drinks the night before brought together all of Steph’s old and greatest friends. I talked for a while to both Lissie and Annabelle, both of whom have had recent pregnancy losses.
It was lovely to meet Lucia, our godchild, I just wish I’d been in better spirits to enjoy her. Needless to say, the morning sickness returned with a vengeance, fuelled by jet lag so I guess I was sadly hands off which made me feel bad. We left the Halls, checked on the house in St Margarets and then into The Trafalgar Hotel. Simon Eddy and family came into town and we enjoyed some time in Leicester Square on the rides, well I didn’t, but Jason did, big boy that he is. Little Annabelle won a monstrously sized soft toy and Daniel wasn’t happy until he had something similar himself. Such gorgeously warm children whom we’re very fond of.
So lovely being back in the Trafalgar. Iain, Carole, David and Janelle joined us for drinks in the evening at the Rockwell and later, Iain and his new girlfriend joined us for Pizza Express, with Carole the worse for wear and apologizing for being drunk in front of a pregnant woman. Hey, I was thinking, I’ve been having my fair share of champagne of late and I know there’s much more to come.

The Baranowskis joined us for breakfast the next month and then along came Erica with Ella. Well, a huge milestone, Erica seeing me pregnant. I just wish it hadn’t been such a rushed affair, 5 hours together, but spent happily at the British Museum. I wish perhaps she enjoyed London enough to spend a night with me, perhaps as she does with other friends when she’ll take a David credit and check into a hotel with a friend. Or perhaps I’ve just gotta get over myself on that one.
Boo’s length 15cm, weight 260g (9oz)

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