Monday, April 9, 2007

Pregnancy week 35: Naval gazing

Martin Stitt has been with us for a few days and I have to say I’m pretty exhausted from the driving around – Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Griffith Observatory, AFI and Santa Monica. However, it’s been a wonderful change from my routine of solely focusing on you, little Boo. Hey, that’ll be the case for the next few years ahead.

Saturday was spent at the Getty with Martin and McKenna and Easter Sunday at the Huntington. The weather here has been June gloom come early so whilst relatively warm, I’ve been missing the sunshine which has reared its head this morning. I should get out, but suddenly have a lot of admin to take care of.

Am worried about the Florida situation again, especially upon discovering that the website photos are appalling. Very disappointed with the agent as I’ve let her know. I guess I’ll have to return soon after the birth with Boo to sort that out although there’ll be a mountain of things to take with us so it’s truly a daunting task.

Boo kicks and squirms regularly now. I like to naval gaze, watching the wave from your back ride across my bump. The Jill Hardin photo shoot proofs came through and we’re really happy with them. Once she does the fandango with photoshop to remove the jelly bits, I think I’ll be even happier. Some 8x10s will look lovely above the bed.

Had an appointment with Dr Matsinaga last week. I mentioned about Boo’s large head but he said, only really in terms of length; circumference wise it’s average. I think talked about having a big baby but he said that if anything, Boo is slightly smaller than average. I guess a mum to be wouldn’t be happier either way, large or small and of course that set me worrying.

Had a long chat with Anne-Marie who’s been out shopping for Boo. Be lovely to see the gifts. In the apartment currently, there are piles of lovely presents awaiting me to send thank you notes, must do. Other than that and a few last minute things, I feel pretty sorted for Boo’s arrival. Lisa has had a quiet word with the in-laws about expectations which I think will help set the scene and make things easier for their visit.

Cl_Chell has had a lovely little girl, Ali, so I’ve done her posts on the boards.

It’s all happening so very quickly now. I wonder how the next few weeks will go, slowly or quickly until your arrival.

Boo’s weight 2.3k (5lb)

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