Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day 5

Have to leave the phone in the room as I can't take it into the NICU but when I'm back from being with my boy, I check my messages, pump for 15mins with their super duper electric pumps and have my meals. The rest of the time I'm sitting on a rocky with a baby support cushion and rocking away with Reuben in my arms, almost falling asleep. Thanks for the incredible flowers! Boo's (ooopps Reuben's) first present after birth. Our room is adorned with a bright yellow duck wearing a little white hat from which springs forth the most gorgeous spring blooms! Picture to follow... what a cheery sight to behold! Sorry to bring you the bad news over the last couple of days. It was all so devastating and seemingly tragic at first, but I haven't cried since that first day despite the mix of news, good and bad, that comes and goes. I think I'm am just so smitten and curious of him that sometimes it's easy to forget he's poorly. Surely a baby's skin and hair are the softest things in the world! I can't stop stroking him. He has lovely olive skin too and those full cupid bow lips. His legs are chunky and I like to think of him as being the big kid on the premie block; they're all so small in comparison and looking at Reube Roo, everyone wonders why he's in there. He's had a brain, liver, kidney scan and all looks normal and yes, they've found his testes. He also had a hearing test on the right side where he has the paralysis and sadly he failed that test. He'll therefore have a further hearing test next week to establish whether he's deaf in one ear.

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