Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You're sleeping soundly as I sit by your bedside. Your legs are perfectly symmetrical out to the side, frog like, and mirrored by your hands in their symmetry. You're peaceful after all that suctioning and respiratory business this morning. It looks like the Gtube and fondoplication ops will go ahead. Dr McClean will speak with the surgeon to tentatively schedule it. We can't risk you aspirating again. Its too dangerous. Mummy and Daddy need you so much, love you beyond the stars, love you beyond belief. You amaze us with your bravery. Some days you look so grown up.

We arrived very early this morning. Today I will go and smell the roses for you. I long to take you outside and let you breathe fresh air, taste the saltiness of the ocean, feel the same beneath your toes. We will do everything for you, and always, to give you the full richness of life, to make you better again. We will take you home. You belong to us and are in our hearts and minds every moment, waking and sleeping. Daddy loves you so much and just wants to take care of us all. We are a family. We have each other to love. I love you so much, Reuben Jack, my gorgeous little Boo.

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