Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's daddy's 39th birthday... Jason's first daddy's birthday. Let's celebrate! Pictures to follow. Me and Reu are going to bake a nice chocolate cake as a surprise and make hand and footprints for Daddy. Ssshhh.. don't tell Daddy!


yp said...

Hao=ppy Happy Day! Happy Daddy's first birthday to Reuben! Happy Happy 39th glorious birthday to Jason! A glorious son and a magnificent wife - life is rich and full and very very good. I celebrate how incredibly awesome you all are being at home! ou make it look easy, natural and graceful! Feel free to be very very rpoud of yourselves ... truly, you couldn't be doing better. love, y

yp said...

...I however, could be doing much better with the typos! :o>