Saturday, June 9, 2007

Reuben without tubes and wires!

A rare glimpse of Reuben's face without tubes, wires and breathing apparatus. He should be off oxygen support today but the nurses allowed me a quick glimpse of my boy's cheeks (and he managed great without that ghastly tube in his nose). Here too, Reuben holding on to his new toy from the hospital volunteers.


UndercoverPete said...

Lovely pics and it must be great to see Reuben without all those tubes, and much less distressing for him.
How did the operation go? And do we have an update on the synopsis?

~ Jac ~ xXx said...

Hey Catherine,

Welcome to the world of blogging. Reuben looks amazing, with the tubes, and even more so without. I bet he loved being without them for a while. It'll be so much better keeping up to date with the progress you're all making. Many congratulations on the success of his gastrostomy tube - I'm sure he'll fill up nicely with the help of that. Best wishes and many bright blessings to you , Jason and Reuben.

Chell said...


Reuben looks great both with & without the tubes. He's adorable!

Its great you've got the blog, its nice to be able to monitor yours & Reuben's progress.

Thinking of you!
love Chell

auntie lisa said...

Hi catherine,

Here goes my first attempt at blogging, fantastic idea as so many people wantup dates, hope your all keeping well, my little nephew looks so handsome with out his tubes, so glad op went well, take good care and lots of love,, bis kiss for R xx

Ericap said...

6 weeks old today.!!! What progress since that photo of Reuben on the move from St.John. Now he is feeding well on his new grub, you are getting to see your beautiful son without tubes and wires and the Doctors are talking about progress towards you taking your son home.
The blog is great, now I and all your friends/family and well wishers can track and be more in touch with what is happening in your day to day life. You, J and Reuben are simply and totally amazing.

Laura said...

Great pic of Reuben he is gorgeous!