Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby sign language

I'd like to share some of the basic signs as I post on this blog. Today's, the all important first sign.

Sign language can be used not only for the deaf community, but as a means of early communication with babies, removing some of the frustrations during a baby's formative pre-verbalisation months. There are a whole host of other benefits to signing with babies and we hope you'll enjoy learning along with us.


Geraldine said...

Hi the Dodds,

Each time I read the blog, I'm always struck by how beautifully you write and your strength within all this turmoil and heartache. I'm so very proud of you both, and I pray that little Ruben will continue to improve so he can come home again soon. Such lovely photos. I'll skype you tomorrow (saturday) at 4-5 ish so we can catch up. Love Geraldine.

yp said...

more of exactly what Geraldine has posted! You write beautifully and lovingly and inspire great confidence and wonder. I am hoping Reuben is comfortable - less fever, slower heartrates - and having time to simply be brilliant, adorable and precious. Whenever the day will be, it will be nice to have the heart correction behind him. Great love to you all -

Ericap said...

as you know, I have always said that you have a great gift for creative, beautiful and gracious writing and I know that it has always been an avenue for your thoughts. Reubens blog not only allows you an avenue to place your thoughts, but for others to share and be in awe of your creative gift.

With respect to sign language, I have two girlfriends whose babies learnt to sign. All these wonderful things are lying ahead for Reuben and yourselves. Wishing strength for Reubens recovery and homecoming. Love Erica

Imperfect Christian said...

We use sign with our hearing daughters and we LOVE it!! You need to check out the Signing Times videos. They are set to music and they have taught us (the girls AND my husband, son and I) so much!