Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dad & Mum's sweet song for Reuben

...and even funnier when heard down the Skype phone with mum and dad singing in unison. Thanks Mum and Dad for such a lovely funny ditty for Reuben. The photo's from the happy days when Reuben was home with us and Mum, Dad and I were strolling round the marina.

Reuben Jack
You're on our Mac
A member of the family tree
Reuben Jack
You do not lack
Any strength or vitality
Reuben Jack
We want you back
With your home and family
For you know we love you tenderly
Reuben Jack
You're on the right track
No need for feeling blue
Reuben Jack
Don't ever look back
When you leave the NICU
Reuben Jack
You've got a stack
Of friends who love you dear
And you know
They'll always want you near
So Reuben Jack
You've all the tack
And spirit to see you through
Reuben Jack
You've had it rough
But you made it through the NICU
When you get home
You'll never walk alone
Cause we're so proud of you
That's mum and dad
Nana and grandad too


yp said...

oh Catherine- such a tender and precious song for a tender and precious boy. We think of you often and lay our hearts open yo knowing Reuben's greatest good is always being served. The CHARGE Conference was a whirlwind - and I had an extended version of eight days. My mind and heart are completely extruded, and I cherished every moment with my "Gang of Five". Admist all our vessels of joy - wrought open by the times of great sorrow - I was delighted we were able to catch a laugh about the Office and simply be. Being ourselves in the most extreme of moments, among people who have all traveled this unexpected path. Best to you, Jason, Reuben and your extended family - with great love, Yuka

ellen charge said...