Sunday, September 30, 2007


Just a month on from his open heart surgery, I wanted to show off Reuben's incredibly manly scar yet illustrate how Dr Starnes and his fellow cardiologists have left little trace of their miracle.

39 days later, scars from the sternum incision, pacemaker wires and the chest tubes which removed excess blood from his heart, have healed remarkably. Here he is with his trach collar attached to the ventilator. The "Right" represents the stitching to keep the new trach in place. These will be removed on Thursday, a week after his tracheostomy.

Day 1, back from open heart surgery. Chest tube visible top left.
Day 1, undergoing an echocardiogram

Day 1, medical intervention, the deluxe package

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ellen charge said...

yay its a miracle isnt it