Thursday, September 27, 2007

I can see clearly now the tape has gone

Suck, suck, suck and no hand restraints! This is heaven!

If they're gonna make me wear one, then it's one for you too, Mr Froggy!

5am this morning, couldn't wait to see my boy!

Recovering well, off the ventilator at last after a night on CPAP sprints. Now he's on oxygen support only which given he's been on since May, will need a bit of weening. "Textbook tracheostomy." Weening well off the pain meds and sedation, "only on morphine" for pain now! He'll go back to surgery next week to check the stoma and remove the stitches. Then we'll be transfered to the floor ("ward"). We could be talking the H word in about 2 weeks, just in time for my brother Joe's much anticipated visit.

Say bye bye to the ventilator after 11 weeks!!!

It's not ginger, it's strawberry blonde. Little blue T from Jo & Paul Statham, with thanks


mog-aj said...

Good Luck to all of you, we will be thinking of you. Give him a huge cuddle from us when you can and we will begin the count down to the the big H with you all.

Much love,

Sarah et al x

christina said...

Catherine and Jason,
all our thoughts are with you and Reuben.


skeybunny said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all as well.

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

yp said...

lovely Dodd family-

Our hearts, our thoughts, our prayer, our hopes and our wishes all rest with you three today- May recovery be swift and the path to discharge uneventful ~ oxo, y

Ericap said...

Catherine and Jason

You are in our thoughts today, hoping for a quick and sound recovery.


Ericap said...

Catherine and Jason

You are in our thoughts today, hoping for a quick and sound recovery.


Polly said...

Hope all goes brilliantly and that your sweet boy recovers quickly. lots of love Polly x

Cluesy said...

In the few days that our paths crossed, you made a life-long impression on our family. We'll never forget your kindness, strength and commitment to Reuben. When we pray with Maxton everyday, we pray for Reuben too. We're praying for miracles in his life and for the spiritual eyes to see them when they happen.
We'll keep reading your blog and anticipating the good news of Reuben leaving the PICU and heading home.
May God bless you all.
Delina, Ben & Maxton McPhaull

AnnieG said...

I knew I could find the latest info on your site...I've been thinking about you guys today and wondering how the day went. Congratulations Reuben!! Now you're really on your way towards "H". You and your parents can then get into the swing of a more "normal" life at home instead of in the fast lane at CHLA. Catherine, are you putting some "ZZZ's" into the sleep bank??
Love, Annie

Mary said...

Many thoughts and prayers.

ellen charge said...


Nana and Grandad said...

Hi Catherine and Jason, we are so pleased to read the good news this morning. Our little darling Reuben is now on the fast track to recovery and the H scenario is now on the horizon, thank God You 3 are forever in our thoughts and prayers. Give him a big hug for us. He's a champ. Must have taken it from his parents. Love you all.

Ericap said...

Catherine and Jason,

Delighted to hear that the Trach has been a success and that Reuben is recovery well. Wonderful for you to be able envisage him going home within a few weeks. What a great relief it must be for you both.
With love

Kristi said...

Yipee! So glad it went well and that all you saw when he came out of the OR was that sweet face, not the trach!

Wow... talk of transfering out of the PICU (Will they keep him in a concentrated care situation out of the PICU because of the trach? We are never on the regular floor... just curious!) and even more exciting... home on the horizon.

Wishing Reuben a speedy, healthy transition into "trach-hood," a quick learning-curve for you and Jason with his care and headacheless staffing set-up for nursing care/help at home.

Kristi, John, Gracie and Preston

(P.S. Annie makes an excellent point! Put some extra sleep in your sleep bank! You're gearing up for your boy to come home :-))

mog-aj said...

Glad it all went according to plan and heres to the big H!!


Eva Nichole said...

I am so glad it went well and I hope and pray you will be home soon!!
God bless,
Crystal and Eva (2 year old CHARGEr)

Ericap said...

What a lovely surprise, just logged on again before going to bed and despite only posting 2 hrs ago, I was greeted by Reubens' beautiful face! Oh how wonderful to see his beautiful face again! He looks so contented and what a great little hair do going on there.

So pleased for you all that it has gone smoothly, hoping for continued improvement.

love as always

ellen charge said...

what a wonderful face xxxxxx lol love the froggy with the trach to

MK said...

How wonderful it is to see him in such good shape so soon after his procedure!!! Especially, without the tape mustach... ... Rueben we are so proud of you and know that your mum and dad are too, WAY TO GO! Wishing you a safe and speedy transisition to H

MK, Blake, Pierce and Lucas

mighty max and mommy said...

I am just thrilled that surgery went well and that there is the exciting talk of coming home! WOW! And he looks so beautiful without all the tape by the way...isn't that just wonderful?

I know you must be scared with the trach and I hope everything works with nursing, etc. TAKE ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET...SERIOUSLY. Ok? You need that support...

Again, congratulations and keep us posted!!!
Love, Amy and Max

mog-aj said...

p.s it is red not strawberry blonde, if we have to accept it with the Beast you do too!