Friday, October 26, 2007

Great days out with Uncle Joe

Two smiles for one

Sunshine of my life at the Getty

Under my umbrella

My brother Joe looking out over Laguna Beach and the wildfire haze


Enjoying a glass on a warm evening at the Cheesecake Factory


Al Fresco dining

Putting his feet up

more pics and trips to follow... with thanks to Yuka and Scottie for the Escape from the PICU stripey outfit and thanks to Christina and Claudio for the trousers and top which he is steadily growing into


ellen charge said...

some great pics he looks so cute specialy with out all those vent stuff all over his face

Eva Nichole said...

I always love your pics!! Looks like it was a nice day. HUGS!!
Crystal and Eva

MK said...

Cath- you should be a photographer on the side! I am not kidding, great writing and great work once again i just cry reading and seeing everything. ok our daily routines are pt 3xd. Bumbo sitting not his fav' but excellent with help from me of supporting that head control for 2min total. Boppy time on the tummy which he's not fond of after 3min or so. i leave him there untill he's unhappy i make him work for it or else no progress you know. It's not easy, then holding him up with feet on the floor i rock him side to side and wait for him to fold and then try again to strenghen his leg muscle. I lay him down flat and cradle his arms with my hands and pull foward wait for resistance and help him strenghen his abs,chest, and head control. Lots of work but truly when we took him in for eval on pt,ot,and speech this week, they said what i was doing has made him excellent at catching up. Although just as RUE, LUCAS is also averageing b/t 2mos.and 4mos. of age at development and skills. He will start pt,ot, and speech in a couple of months. I have an amazing 6page paper booklet i go by for all exercises i can mail it to you if you like. it was given to us by our NICU doctor. It is life changing for lucas. We ate 5 bites of rice cereal and formula today and then tuckered out. AWESOME!!!!! Let me know if you need that paper or anything else i will be glad to send it your way. love you deeply catherine and we will talk soon i know. Give Rue our best!!! xoxoxox, mk

yp said...

wonderful photos - such bliss to see you and Reuben lying on the grass!!! And thank you for your conscientous and kind rememberance of Reuben's "Get Out of Children's" outfit :o) I very much like the name! ~ and I have to say, he looks very samrt in the outfit :o) oxo,y

Ericap said...

Wonderful to see you all looking so happy and just enjoying each other.

love Erica

mog-aj said...

my favourite is deffinately the mirror :-). so glad you are getting out and about and recording it all.

Kristi said...

Great photos and great memories for you to treasure forever. I really like them all... but especially love the humor and fun of "Al Fresco Dining!"