Saturday, October 6, 2007

Walking in the garden with Reuben

One hand for you daddy, one for me

Travelling light?

Mummy I don't need my blue trach sleeping cap whilst I'm strolling in the garden. It's only to protect me when I'm sleeping

Meeting the little kids

Our little family

Turn that pulsox off! It's not correlating.

Sunlight in his eyes

Reach out and touch

Chariot of fire

Through the acquarium

The magic of the acquarium


It was very sneaky of Stephanie to let us out of the PICU and into the garden, and I could tell she did so with great trepidation, loading the wagon with oxygen, the monitor, a portable suction unit and the airbag just in case! It's not something you normally do from the PICU, but Reu's ready for the floor, we just don't want to leave the PICU just yet, funny that.

Thank you Stephanie for the family photos and the expedition!


mighty max and mommy said...

So fill us in...what a tease you are! So excited to hear about it all.

Amy and Max

Kristi said...

Can't wait for the TBC! :-)


yp said...

so exciting! will check on you tomorrow morning for the latest and greatest! :o)

mog-aj said...

I hope you had a woderful time and he enjoyed the real aquarium!


p.s. Yuka thank you for your lovely comments to Catherine

Ericap said...

The enjoyment in all your faces, rejoicing in the moment is so evident from the photos. Wonderful to see such joy and happiness.

Love Erica

mog-aj said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! He looks so very well now and ready for the 'floor' even if Mummy and Daddy aren't! BTW Jason alos looks so much better now some things have been resolved :-). X

yp said...

You are all stunningly beautiful and I am bursting with happiness for you! "Sunlight in his eyes" took my breath away - and really, all the photos are equally incredibly fantastic! It is wonderful to see you and Jason continually in love with your son, your family and each other - with the excitement of more joy ahead. Already you look quite the pros with the trach. I have nothing but the greatest confidence in you both - as you have risen to the occassion all along this journey, and continue to do so magnificantly. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share and to be part of your joyous occassions and all the milestones and moments of waiting in your journey.... GREAT HAPPINESS forom your photos today! I am wild with elation and hugging myself! :o) oxo,y

ellen charge said...

ooooooooooohhhhhhhh love the pics

Lorna said...

Oh you look sooooooooooo happy!

The photos are beautiful, you don't even need words to see how elated you all are!

Reuben looks so well, and i hope that you all had a lovely day! Here's to more day like this ay!

With love
Lorna & Katie