Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy birthday mama Catherine (photos to follow)

Yes, my first birthday as a Mummy, spent at the Getty. A lovely relaxing morning at home, Reu napping beside me. Reu astounded me. I gently rolled him over for some tummy time whilst sitting on the Getty lawn and he raised his head in prone position, and looked around, eyes open, no tears! This is a first and marks a greater degree of head control. Couldn't get the camera there in time but everyone around picnicking could hear my excitement. He very much enjoyed the nude sculptures too, quite mesmerised by them and as for autumnal trees from the vista of the BabyBjorn...he's in heaven! Dinner at PF Changs and the waitress bought me desert, so touched she was by Reuben. He's very easy to take out for a night and in a bustling restaurant, you can just about disguise the sound of the suction machine with the clink of silverware and crystal, drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


ypersico said...

Oh Catherine-

Happy Happy Belated Birthday - may the year bring you everything which brings you joy, sustenance, restoration and bliss in abundance ~ you are precious beyond all measure - with love, y

ellen charge said...

oh WONDERFUL u no sometimes ur nursing stories make me wish i could just pack my bags and come look after him for u now that should we should try that for ur bday one year a charge fam look after him for u i do it my self go to my firneds houses for nites to give mum a break yes they r in chairs to yes they have cp but HEY still the same thing lol sevs mummy bascily made my mum take me there first time that was funn now its k then plomp more formula except theyve nearly drunk it themselves otu of the fridge URGHH YUK