Monday, December 10, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Reu having great fun pulling Santa's beard
although Santa was less than impressed.
It's taken him 4 years to grow

After Reuben's first mass at Saint Monica's, we took Reuben to The Grove in Beverly Hills (Erica, very much suggest you get along if only for the 80 year old, 110ft tree, which was at the natural end of its life), to meet Santa and his elves at the fantastic boutique outdoor entertainment mall.

We've a lot of catching up to do this Christmas after the week in hospital, so it was great seeing Reuben truly enjoying himself. He was in awe of the Christmas tree, loved the colourful costumes, the carolers, watching the tram go by and looking at all the sparkly Christmas decorations at Crate & Barrel. I'm very keen to get Reuben out and about as much as possible for sensory stimulation. There's a fine balance. Reu was awake all day and in great form. We also tried out a new feeding plan, 40ml by gravity which take about 10 minutes each, every 2hrs. Much easier than 3x 1hr long feeds a day by pump. So we're only using the pump at night now.

Giggling at my clapping hands and then joining in

Santa's Grotto

On Saturday, the annual Marina Boat Parade was a wondrous sight of 100s of festive yachts swanning along the harbour and a beautiful firework display.

Raspberry blowing

which scared Santa off...

I miss you, Santa

Reu is wearing his cosy Christmas outfit from Janelle & Andy (more on them and their adventure later) which I'd originally put in the bottom drawer for Reu to grow into, but then fished out on a gloriously warm day yesterday, but so crisp and clear, I knew it would turn cool by evening and realised it actually fits him now. Also, his tartan booties from Ann in Glasgow with whom we spent New Year's Eve 2006, with thanks!

Reuben's first snow on the San Gabriel Mountains and Los Angeles Forest
as viewed from our apartment


Mary said...

Such a beautiful picture! Reuben is so alert. He doesn't miss anything.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Lorna said...

What a gorgeous Picture!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas ~

With Love
Lorna & Co

ellen charge said...

wonderful pics love ya all

Eva Nichole said...

Beautiful pictures, I also have to say I AM JEALOUS!!! Look at how nice it is by you, we are freezing and snow, to much snow!!
I am glad you were all able to go out and enjoy your day, I miss California and I so want to go back. :)
Crystal and Eva

Geraldine said...

Such cute pictures of Reuben with Santa Claus! I'm off next week and will look forward to doing the site for Reu and Zu.
Lots of love Geraldine xxx