Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh night divine

Mama's favourite Christmas carol

I played this hymn to Reu in the wee small hours in our 6 West room. This is simply a clip of him sleeping. Our bond grows ever stronger during these days and nights which have melted into one. Such simple pleasures, hearing my boy sleep as I doze off. I can barely pull myself away from watching him as he sleeps. The crescendo of the hymn seems to echo the flood of emotion that fills me when I look at my boy.


ypersico said...

when our boys were littler, Scotty and I loved them so much we feared we would burst. I seriously thought I would create a long video of each of them sleeping and when they had long left the house, play the videos on three monitors on eternal loop....most moments when I look at them I still see Keith at about 4, Elliot at about 2 and Ethan at about 2.... it's not that I love them any less - but clearly I haven't burst, and they are becomings of their own - more and more every moment - which in iteself is a greatly cherished dream. The bitersweet cicumstances of Keith's birth have made Scotty and I unbearably grateful for all the ordinary miracles of a day - and my greatest wish is always for a perfectly ordinary day. thank you for your beautiful post. love,y

ellen charge said...

you are so wonderful that i think id burst if i didntmeet you love you

Eva Nichole said...

I love watching Eva sleep she is so adorable when she does. They look so peaceful and they have no pain when they do and its an amazing thing to watch.
He is so sweet!
Crystal and Eva

Lorna said...

Just beautiful, and Reu looks so peaceful~

Lorna & Co