Monday, January 7, 2008

Clear now the rain has gone

So the weather's been truly appalling of late, cold and rainy, evacuation of thousands of homes near LA, floods and mudslides where the land was laid bare by last year's massive wildfires (this place gets it all and we haven't even had a recent big earthquake). A welcome change for us as it's a wonderful treat from the months of dry, desert air hanging over LA, but not much fun for UK visitors I guess.

And then this morning, this spectacular view greeted us from the terrace. This may be a tiny apartment, but the view would be very difficult to give up. I'd like to get up to the mountains before mum and dad leave on Thursday and if we get the ok from the hospital. Not sure about altitude but no doubt someone will shout bad idea here so maybe Pasadena's Huntington gardens will suffice which sit at the base of the San Gabriel's shown here.

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ellen charge said...

wonderful pic missed u