Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day off

Thanks to everyone for your support this week, comments, calls and invites from Jennifer and Karen who are just round the corner and seemed to understand things were bleak. Happily take you up this week.

Reu is teething, one's about to come through any day now, but he's remarkably unfussy about it. He has trachyitus again though so that's causing him some gip and secretions from hell. You could spend all day with the cathetar by his nose and mouth (which incidentally, he relishes).

Also, am very behind on the photographic journal of all our visitors over Christmas (Ellen keeps reminding me). They'll be up here soon. This blog has become what we could call in the advertising world, copy heavy and thus a chore to read I'm sure.

Had a day off yesterday, a full 12hrs. Took off with the baby signing book and the ASL industrial signing book and decided to do some studying. Went to the fantastic modernist library in Santa Monica and took out so many books and CDs for Reu I needed a trolley to cart them to the car. It's a great place to lounge and I'm going to make a point of attending their Baby Times classes too.

Also made some signing flash cards for Reu and now have them pasted around the house in appropriate places. I hope by this I can encourage Jason to sign more. It's so immensely important and of course, even if you know the signs, it's remembering to use the signs contexturally that's the key.

Went to the movies to see PS I love you which was sweet, even if Hilary Swank insists on acting with her hair and teeth.


Candi said...

Glad you sound a bit better even if you're still dealing with some extra challenges. I hope Reuben feels better soon. Your blog is never a chore to read, but I will admit to loving the photos. You're a great photographer and how can you help it when you have such an adorable subject.

Take care!

ellen charge said...

great for a you day sometimes they r good jsut to get things sorted sometimes you just need time to think and revitalise my neighbour was saying yesterday coz mum was telling her bout my uncle who got bowel cancer and works really hard as the comunity physc nurs and our neighbour says stress can lead to illness so keep having those you days my friend to keep you self healthy for reu coz he needs u love u heaps

skeybunny said...

If your blog is "copy heavy" I would hate to see what the advertising world would say about my last few posts... Prose or photos, I enjoy it all.

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan