Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First apple

Apple smile...thanks to Jennifer for these photos taken with her phone

The irony of this photo is that I may have an iced skinny latte in one hand chilling out after sign class, but there's a Gtube vent for feeding in the other


ellen charge said...

great pics

Mighty Max! said...

Could you be any more beautiful my friend!?!?! Look at you! Love how comfortable we all are becoming with "feeding" our kiddos in public. I think nothing of it and sometimes totally forget and are surprised when I find people staring!

Love you! Amy

MK said...

great to see you smile!! hope you guys are doing well.... .... amazing what "normal" has become for us and yet how great it is to have our precious ones!

Eva Nichole said...

Its amazing how we just do things like that no matter where we are and it looks so comforable to do right.
Crystal and Eva