Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year. Out with the old...

In with the new

Home sweet home in Marina del Rey
Cuddling with my mama and daddy
Meeting more family and friends
Outpatient appointments only

Wonderful, effective therapy sessions for my development (OT/PT, hearing, oral/feeding, etc.)
Playgroups with other babies
Walks around the neighborhood
Hangin' with my LA cousins, Cory, Kyle and Cameron
Being surrounded by loving, thoughtful, good people
Getting to know all the wonderful people who have been praying so much for me!
Educating people about the importance of quality, accessible, affordable programs for special needs community (Mom & I are very dedicated to this issue...we have heard that navigating the "system" can be quite a nightmare!)
Staying healthy and getting stronger

Out with the old

Lengthy stays at the hospital
Being sick and requiring surgeries
Medicines (we are excited to wean down the list!)
Saying goodbye to friends

Helicopter and ambulance rides (I prefer the car now please!)
Moving (I love my doctors and nurses, and I think I will really like Bham...well once I am allowed out of the house!!)
People who are immoral, selfish or just plain ol' mean (Sorry, absolutely no tolerance for that...especially after everything we have been through. We need to be a more loving, helpful, caring world...don't you think!?!?)
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, SUCTIONING! I do not like when my mom has to suction my nose. Hopefully soon I can do a better job of clearing my own "secretions"...because I truly despise that machine! (For those kiddos out there who have spent time in the hospital...you know what I mean!)
Love to all of you! I must run...Mom says it is time to put away the laptop and get to bed...so night night everyone. Please remember to keep my friends (Ryan, Lane, and Carter) in the hospital in your prayers....they each are having a rough time and need some extra love and support. Thank you! Happy New Year!!!

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