Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mass for Carlos at Saint Monica's Church

Angel Carlos recently turned one year's old. Vivian will join us in celebrating his life at Saint Monica's Church this Friday at 12pm in a mass we've dedicated to Carlos. I am so looking forward to seeing my dear friend again. It has been impossible to put into words the experiences of the PICU, more abtly described by Amy (Max's mum) as a place where we "could only focus on keeping them alive". Their stolen early starts. And again as Amy has said, I now have had time to ponder the future and have had to deal with the stresses of his health daily. And yet I look at my dear friend, she's always in my thoughts and prayers, and as always, take strength from her exceptional courage. I can never forget how she pulled me through some of the darkest days in the PICU, for which I am forever gratefully indebted to her.

Til Friday, Vivian...

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ellen charge said...

will b great rfor u both i no hows ur other little friend going casandra and them