Friday, January 25, 2008


I can't pretend that things are anything but extremely tough right now, however, with the help and inspiration of Jennifer (thank you!) and ideas please from fellow scrapbookers (Amy I know you're an avid fan), I'm going to set about making a scrapbook for Reuben which will only be filled with happy thoughts and memories, a gift to Reuben. I think it'll help me right now. I've never done it before, maybe it's more of an American tradition, but the craft store did good business out of me today.


Mary said...


I cannot give you any scrapbooking help but I can offer some advice. Just concentrate on one day at a time rather than anticipating too far ahead. Have faith that if God leads you to it He will see you through it.

I'm sending you a big hug. Hope you can feel it all the way from Charleston, WV!

Candi said...

This is a great idea! I find myself buying scrapbook supplies all the time, but never getting the books made. Maybe you can even find a group that you could scrap with. It can be a great social activity. Also it is nice to be able to share equipment - so many fun tools nobody can buy them all.

Please post some pictures of your pages after you get started. You know we would all love to see them. At least you have a good head start by taking so many beautiful photographs.

Oh, I do have one idea. Someone suggested and ABC themed scrapbook to me for S&G's first year. It is easy to organize (just choose a word or two to associate with each letter of the alphabet) and finite - only 26 letters.

Take care,

ellen charge said...

i did that with northcott once was great fun ive got one about my 21st bday i wanna do but the printers dead lol and its all on the computer i know it will b great for u

The Waggoner Family said...


I LOVE to scrapbook! It is always hard for me to get any work done at home so I like to go to crop nights. Your local Michaels or other craft store should have a crop night. I go to Michaels and they charge $5 for 4 and a half hours plus you get to use all of their tools. There is also a home based business called Creatie Memories that shouls have workshops. go to www.creativememories to find a consultant. I've done both and love each one for different reasons. Good luck with the scrapbook! I agree with Candi that you have beautiful pictures to start with!