Monday, January 7, 2008

Sign language classes funded by the RJF

News about the Reuben Jack Foundation founded by Laura & Michael Durkin. With part of the funds raised to date including that raised by Laura & Michael at their son Aidan's christening, I'm embarking on ASL (American Sign Language) classes with Reuben starting Tuesday. This will be a welcome contribution to learning and practising ASL at home. It's always easier to learn a new language in a group setting and I can't wait for Reuben, whenever it may be, to sign his first back to us.

Reuben will benefit in many ways. He loves company as much as learning.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fund. You've been extremely generous. More details on how it's being put to good use in the near future.


ypersico said...

Oh Catherine- so so many happy posts, posts full of the business of living - I am bursting with happiness for you all :o) <333 y

ellen charge said...

this sounds great for u both hope to see some pics