Monday, February 11, 2008

Cool Britannia

Pop art

Anarchy in the UK

Hope this raises a smile. With thanks to Bob (aka Bill), Leora, Tiffani and Marie from Crystal Cruises for the very cool, very funky outfit. Cool Britannia he is!


Mary said...

So sweet! That shade of blue is beautiful on Reuben, as is everything. I love the foot with the missing sock.

ypersico said...

I am awestruck by the lovely shade of color of his hair - and the saucy sockless foot :o) the outfit is nearly as precious as he is! :o)

ellen charge said...


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous little boy looks so cute doing some tummy time! xo - Jennifer

UndercoverPete said...

tee-hee, love it. I want the jacket!

Eva Nichole said...

Very nice and he does look great in blue it really brings out those wonderful blue eyes!
Crystal and Eva