Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beyond sweetness

The little cheeky smile breaking through
as he grinds away at Jason's finger is priceless

A few shots from over the last few months which I stumbled upon this morning whilst trying to finish the yearly project, Reuben 365, a picture every day and a labour of love. Using a macro lens or high-sensitivity in low light to give the grainy shots which I plan on doing a series on, Reuben's kindness, cheekiness and sweetness shine through. I cannot envisage a more beautiful, patient and engaging subject to photograph.


Lori Pullen said...

Well isn't my little man just growing up to be a big boy. Look at those little toofies, they are amazing, he will be wanting steak and potatoes soon. signing Daddy is amazing for such a young lad. He is getting so cute and animated. Give Reu a great big kiss from Auntie Lori

Eva Nichole said...

He is just so sweet!!
Crystal and Eva

Mary said...

That beautiful little face makes me want to kiss the computer screen.

ellen charge said...

ur like a choc melting in my mouth but better has chocs make me have runny bum t much

Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE the one of Reuben & Jason!!! xoxo