Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cardiology review

Good meeting with Dr De Oliveira, Reuben's cardiologist, today, her usual warm and engaging self. Now I know she'd want to edit this photo, but ha ha, here it is in the rough. Reuben's heart post TET repair is doing great, with the residual pulminary stenosis (narrowing to his lung which was dilated during his heart bypass) evidenced by a gradient having actually got better since his last appointment in December with less turbulence (<30).

Dr De put Sesame Street on in the background whilst doing his ECG and Reuben was transfixed, watching Elmo disappear behind Dorothy's home, the fish tank, each time, magnifying Elmo's face so that with each subsequent laugh from Reuben, I knew it would be a repeat of the magnifed Elmo scene.

Don't come back for 6 months! Now that's what we like to hear from cardiology.


Eva Nichole said...

That is great news!!! Reuben is doing so great and getting so smart, great job mommy and daddy. Keep up the great work.
Crystal and Eva

ellen charge said...

yum yum

Geraldine said...

That's such a typical Reuben pose...fingers in the mouth for security, other hand outstretched to investigate, taking everything in. Bless that sweet little boy. I love him to bits.

Geraldine xxx