Friday, March 28, 2008

He signed bath and dog

More clips to follow.

Other huge leaps this week.

"Reuben, where's mama's nose?" Reuben points to my nose.
"Reuben, where's mama's mouth?" Reuben points to my mouth.
"Reuben, where's your socks, socks, socks, silly socks?" Reuben curls his toes up and shows me his socks.

The signs for body parts are, just those, body parts, so whilst I'll have to teach him where those body parts are on him, in a little sense, he's signing nose, mouth and eyes.

I remember Eva mum's comments. What we need to work on is the association and I'd say, "bath" is his strongest contextural sign. He knows when he gets into his bath, it's time to sign "bath, bath, bath", just as furiously as his mama and daddy are doing at him!


Mary said...

What an amazing little sweetheart Reuben is! I can picture his little toes turning under.

Kristi said...

AWESOME!!!!! :-)


PS... did you get my email? :)

Eva Nichole said...

He is one smart little boy, keep up the great work!!
Crystal and Eva

Ericap said...

How thrilling and inspriring for you all, now that Reuben is on a roll of word learning/signing/communication.
Love Erica

ellen charge said...

ur so smart reuban i can see you next year doing more keep it up and catherine if you want to put that in his book you can lol

Jennifer said...

We can't wait to see you signing in person!!! Hopefully Tuesday! xoxo -Jaxon & Jennifer