Friday, April 11, 2008

Nana & grandad Lacey are back in town!

And what changes they've seen in Reuben! Photos and news to follow. Reuben's had a spell of pneumonia this week so he's been nobly battling that, but you'd hardly guess by the enormous leaps in his development. PT brought along an activity walker and now he's hooked! Can't get enough of it! Striding out supported with our hands on standby, waving at the little boy in the mirror, using his index finger with nimble dexterity to press the buttons for music, a step up from bang bang banging, tis a delight to watch.

Busy making plans for the trip back home to the UK at the end of May. Reuben will be going back to his roots joining the family in a country cottage at the foot of Ben Nevis in the highlands of Scotland, the highest mountain in the UK.


ypersico said...

Oh Catherine - please give our very very best to your lovely mum and dad. We are eternally grateful for the many many kindnesses they showed Keith. The profound dignity and human respect they accorded Keith might seem the most natural thing on earth - and certainly are beautifully inherent in your family - but the truth is they can be rare infrequent gifts in Keith's world - and we will always be deeply grateful. love, y

Amélie Mia Chan said...

Catherine if your anywhere near the north let me know...maybe we could meet up depending on your schedule and my shifts!!

The midwives at my trust walked Ben Nevis for cystic fibrosis last year there were some amazing pictures truly beautiful.

Amélie has pneumonia too this week her right middle lobe she has not managed to get herself out of bed and appears to be constantly sleeping through it all.

I was exhausted reading your recent hospital visit what a day for you both!

hugs Lesley Amélie and Fam xx

Eva Nichole said...

How wonderful his grandparents can be there again and its so great you all can go home for awhile in May.
WOW Reuben is going to be 1 soon, what an amazing milestone. I can not believe Eva just turned 3 yesterday.
Hope Reuben feels better soon.
Crystal and Eva

ellen charge said...

wow one and to think the drs wee telling you hed not make it well id like you to bite them or tell them off for me tell them they dotn understnad oru charge nature of just fighting lol love u all

Geraldine said...

Hi ma and pa!
So glad you're seeing the positive and huge change in Reuben. Hasn't he come on...and isn't he even cheekier and cuter than before?

Have a lovely time.
Geraldine and Mark

UndercoverPete said...

Great to hear you're all coming over. I'm sure we'll all have a great time. So much to do in Scotland, just keep your fingers crossed for the weather.

Geraldine said...

Reuben loves his Auntie Geraldine. Yay!