Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Son

from the scrapbook

Reuben's 1st haircut to celebrate the big day, an experience he thoroughly enjoyed

What sweetness in your face
What loveliness in your eyes
What love we share
What hope you bring
What beauty there resides.

Your funny smile
Your mischievous looks
Your patience, sweet and true
Such qualities to bring such pride
Your true and pure virtue

Your mama loves you oh so much
My pride for all those things
In darkest nights and longest days
I never dared to dream
Of what your spirit brings

And so today
My darling boy
My message feels so clear
To thank you, bless you, love you so
For all your joyous cheer
Love Mama

Extracts from my first scrapbook and my birthday present to Reuben

On behalf of our family, thank you everybody for sharing this journey with us.


Ericap said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET REUBEN, 1 TODAY!!! Amongst your new toys, books and balloons, your family and friends all around the world are rejoying on this very special day. What a year for you and your parents!! And so 365 days later, it is with huge love and excitement that we send our birthday wishes to you from Ditchling, so far away in miles but not in our thoughts. Enjoy your ballooons! Love Erica, David, Ella Rose and Hadley xxxxxxxxxx

mog-aj said...

Happy 1st Birthday Reuben! You area very special young man with the heart and soul of a lion. You are also so very lucky to have a Mama who loves you so much, and shows it so splendidly. Have the best day ever. Alfie, Sarah and Stuart xxx

Mary said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS RUBEN! I wish I were there to kiss your sweet cheeks but I am sure I would need to wait in line. I love how your daddy glows when he looks at you and your mommy holds you protecting you with her life. You are a much loved little guy. I love reading of your progress and watching you grow.

Much love,
Mary in Charleston, WV

Eva Nichole said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REUBEN!!! What a wonderful year you have had. Hope all your wishes come turn on your special day!!
Crystal and Eva

R... said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Reuben! What a beautiful scrapbook. Your Mommy must love you very much!


Vicky said...

Happy 1st Birthday Reuben! I've followed your story since your mum and I chatted on another site before you were born. You are a very special little boy, with such loving parents. Enjoy this day, you and your parents are inspirational. With lots of love Vicky_C and Alisha xxxxx

hannah m said...

Happy Birthday to you, Reuben! You are an inspiration. Celebrate big!

All joyful + happy thoughts your way.

Kristi said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Reuben!
We hope you have a super fun birthday and spend the whole weekend celebrating... you and your parents deserve to "party big"!
Lots of love,
Kristi, John, Gracie and Preston

C - the scrapbook looks amazing... can't wait to see the whole thing someday!

Candi said...

Happy Happy Birthday Reuben! You beautiful boy... I can't believe how big you look now! You have already come through so much and you have so many more things to learn and do. I hope you and Mommy and Daddy have a wonderful day, a wonderful second year, a beautiful life!

Lots of Love from your friends,
Luke, Gus, Sam, Candi & Rob

MK said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Reuben; what a year and what a boy. So happy to see you doing so well. We wish you the best and think of you often. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the weindorfs!!

ellen charge said...

happy first reu there were times when i wondered if you would make it but i knew with your mummys love and warmth and determination you would b the way you are and i admire you both for that

Lisa W. said...

I can't believe it has been a year! He is getting so grown-up looking now in those haircut pictures he looks like such a big boy.

Happiest of birthday wishes coming down from eastern Canada to Reuben.

Lisa, Graeme, Kennedy, Ryan, & Kyle

The Waggoner Family said...

Happy birthday Reuben!! Congratulations on being a big brother too! I hope you enjoyed the special day!