Sunday, May 18, 2008

The logistics of international travel

So for the last few weeks in and amongst the daily challenges we've been working on including buying a house, we've been getting the UK trip sorted out. It's been quite an operation to be executed with military precision. Christine and I, making lists of medical supplies, came up with a short list as follows, and have mailed boxes to various locations in advance.

Humidifier machine
Nebuliser machine
Suction machine and cables
4 suction tubings
Suction containers for distilled waters
100 sterile suction cathetar packs
100 sterile saline vials
4 'Little Suckers" (for mouth/nose)
4 spare trachs
25 trach ties
Box sterile gloves
Box sterile gauze
Sterile lubes
25 Swedish/humidifying noses
Control III disinfectant
Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning
Distilled water
Teleadaptor inseat power converter (BA charge for this!)

Feeding pump & cables
25 Joey feeding bags
4 bolus syringes
4 bolus extension kits
4 pump extension kits
8 containers of special/Pregestermil formula
Spare Gtube buttons (Entristrar, Mickey)
Blue clips
Feeding pole
Oxygen lines for nighttime feed vents (a novel idea!)

Hearing aid
Aid batteries
Aid brush
Aid dehumidifier

Hcg testosterone shots
Needles & syringes
Alcohol wipes

Pulse oximeter monitor and cables
Spare sensors
Eye lubricant

I was reading an article by Naomi Watts about how travelling with a baby can be difficult because of all the gear you need to bring. It made me laugh really.

I think this'll be useful to look back on in years to come when hopefully the trach and feeding Gtube will be things of the past. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, the usual, diapers, wipes, Sudacrem, bibs, wipey cloths, blankets, toys, books, clothes, a long lost umbrella! I think we're going to be over our baggage allowance don't you, especially with our Ryanair flight to Glasgow.

And then there's been the medical check ups, Drs referral and approval letters, airline approvals, coordination with British Airways medical teams, Reuben's passport, registration with the NHS, Drs appointments in the UK, European Blue Badge (disabled parking pass) arrangements

It'll all be worth it in the end...


Kristi said...

It will all be worth it in the end!OH MY GOODNESS... what a list!
It's great, though... I will be printing and keeping a copy for my own reference in the event that Miss Gracie can tolerate travelling! :-) So, thanks!
Have a WONDERFUL time... take LOTS of pictures (as though you wouldn't!) and update on your adventures as you can, please!
lots of love,
The Swanns

Eva Nichole said...

Yup reading articles like that after having Eva made me laugh too. Good luck getting everything together and enjoy your trip, it seems like ALOT of work but in the end it will be worth it all.
Crystal and Eva

ellen charge said...

it will b worth it where u buying ur house uk or here wat ever came of that long ago debate:)

Amélie said...

Yes I can relate to that list and then I packed for the other three kids and felt like staying home

Cant wait to see the pictures.

Abi said...

Hi Catherine, not sure if you received my email about meeting up in London, but if you get into any trouble whilst you're here and need any equipment/milk/meds at all just let me know so I can ask our lovely community nurse who can get stuff immediately - that's the beauty of the NHS I guess.
Anyway, really hope to see you soon. Wishing you all a safe journey
Love Abi xx

Mighty Max! said...

What a list my friend...isn't it remarkable!?! :) SO glad he doesn't need O2 too!

You probably already know this but just in case...your med equipment doesn't count in your baggage allowance. Just make sure to note that when you are checking in.

Wishing you lots of peace on your travels...

Love, Amy and Max