Friday, May 16, 2008

UK Plans


We can be texted on +1 310 430 4232 (Jason) and will be picking up emails intermittently.

Just a rough sketch of the planned UK trip. If you're near to any of these places, we'd love to meet up.

May 20-24: London, Trafalgar Hilton. Erica picking up LHR. Erica & Hadley 21st day Tate Modern. Hall family overnight at Hilton night of 21st. Natural History & SW London 22nd. Day with Iain and Carol 23rd

May 24-30: Glen Nevis, Scotland with Lacey family to celebrate Nicki's 40th birthday. 25th Maggie

May 31-June 6: Stourport with Dodd family. Hoping to meet Sara Wiley

June 1: Claire & Richard Wilkes bbq Worcester

June 6-10: tbc

June 10: Back to LA

This'll be our 1st holiday of more than 2 nights in 15 months. We're both so exhausted right now and are so looking forward to going home. Reuben's been playing with his Thomas the Tank train set from Auntie Anne-Marie and has been promised a ride on the Harry Potter train in Scotland with his cousins Aurora, Corrin and Hannah. He's also hoping to join cousins Josh and Mitchell at the WM safari park and maybe the Severn Valley Railway! Mama of course wants to take him to the Tate and Natural History Museum in London.

Reuben's cousins, sisters Corrin & Hannah


ellen charge said...

r lots of pics involved in this to thougth u were going three weeks i order pics and blogging updates pls lol

Eva Nichole said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, enjoy and have a great time!!
Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

Sounds wonderful... and well deserved! Have a great time!!!


Mighty Max! said...

Wow, I'm pretty impressed that you are taking this on. He doesn't need O2 anymore, right?