Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home safe and sound

After a wonderful and truly exhausting trip, we're back in LA. From London to the Scottish Highlands, Midlands and Bournemouth.

Sadly we have come back to the news that Reuben's nurse Christine has left us for case close to her home and sadly she lacked the courtesy and professionalism to let us know.

Now we have no contingencies in place because we put our faith and trust in our nurse. Battling jetlag on top of pregnancy, the excessive fatigue and sickness are back with a vengence and the days since we've returned have just blurred, and with Jason back at work now, it's hard looking after all of Reuben's special needs. Reuben had a wonderful and healthy time in the UK but having an emergency situation with a mucus plug in the National Gallery which must have been caused by the dry air on the plane has only served to highlight the risks of the trach, itself a protected, but single airway. An ambulance ride and 5hrs at St Tomy's hospital later though and I think we are now better prepared to deal with such issues in future as it was truly harrowing. The paramedics would have been too late to have dealt with the situation, as instinct took over and helped Jason's and my training to kick in to help Reuben recover from the so-sudden incident, his limp body, laboured breathing and bluish toned skin.

So back home til our move within LA on June 20th, and we are dealing with the fall out as the agency battles to find another nurse. We have that journey to look forward to again, the unreliability of it all, the time needed to invest in training, teaching them basic sign language, the routine, the lessons from the therapies, the shadow of really not being able to rely on anybody but ourselves when it comes to Reuben once again rearing its head.


ellen charge said...

how mean of her to leave with out telling u all but then i spose with the thing u blogged bout earlier wouldtn surprise me taht she did leave coz my thinking is that she knew shed problh b cut anyway so she probly wanted to help you missed u so much need some pics on here glad u had fun many hugs and kisses from aus ellen its my bda in about two weeks 28th june ill b 23

Polly said...

Hi Catherine

So pleased to hear that you had a good trip to the UK - it must have been lovely to catch up with so many old friends and family - but I can only imagine how exhausting it was too though. Reuben's scare in the National Gallery (of all places!) sounds awful - but well done to you and Jason for reacting so well. And how very sad that you've got back to such a let-down with the nursing situation in LA... you must be so disappointed.

Hope the pregnancy is going well - you must be feeling shattered with everything you're dealing with.

Hope too that the move goes well - please let me know your new address when you have a mo.

Polly xx

MK said...

So glad you are home safely, so sorry for your trach scare with Rue, hope he enjoyed the trip though.
Yes the major lesson we have learned as well is when it comes to our boys we are the frontline / lifeline of protection and care!
Hope things calm a bit for you guys so you have a moment to catch your breath... ...
hugs and kisses from the weindorfs xoxoxo

Candi said...

I am so glad you all had a great trip and visit with family and friends. So sorry about your current situation though. This is a terrible time to be left without a nurse. I hope you are able to cope somehow. How are feeling? You must be terribly tired. I feel lucky sometimes that Luke is my caboose baby, because I am terrible pregnant - tired and sick all the time.

I can't believe what happened to Reu in the National Gallery. Luke has been all over the place lately with his secretions, so we have had a few mucus plugs lately too (nothing as serious as your situation). It is horrible to listen to your child gasping for air, or worse being unable to. Thank goodness you and Jason were able to handle to the situation. Hopefully there is some comfort in that.

Glad to have you all home again safe and sound!

Take care!

Eva Nichole said...

I am so glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. Also how horrible of your nurse to just leave you hanging like that.
Glad you had such a wonderful trip and I hope your move goes well.
Crystal and Eva

Amélie said...

glad you enjoyed the sunnny UK, not such great news regarding your nurse! Strangely we are desperate to ditch our nurse, we have alternate nights 10pm to 7am and if Amélie is trached we will cancel the nurse all together I think its intrusive to family life.

It can not be easy being pregnant and caring for Reuben, so we wish you good luck finding one soon xx