Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Longest Day

One of my favourite movies as a child was Ken Annakin's wartime epic, The Longest Day, staring John Wayne.

Yesterday was the longest day, figuratively and literally. When I arrived at the new house with Kristina, Reuben's new nurse who'd kindly agreed to work the weekend, the showhome had somehow transposed into a bachelor pad and despite the cleaners spending 3hrs on it, I spent most of the day cleaning where they'd neglected to. And the reason for not unpacking, the furniture and heavy items, beyond the 30 boxes I've packed in the last week which we mostly brought in our gas-guzzling Chevy (we're not proud of this company asset), were to be moved at 2pm by the removals company, and yet they didn't arrive til 7pm. They finally showed up at the house here at 9pm with Reuben's bed and nighttime medical equipment and in the meantime I'd made a temporary bed for Reuben of white towels, the best I could find. Not easy all this when 5 months pregnant. I got down on hands and knees and sparkled the main bedroom's floors so there wasn't a trace of the previous occupants and it was exhausting work in the heat. I should've put the A/C on but I'm trying to avoid that Florida-A/C dependence. I had in my head the memory of Mum washing the kitchen floor moments before she went into labour. My feet are taking a little bit too much strain with these extra pounds and hours on them as if I'd been confined to heals rather than the bare feet I'm accustomed to, and when Jason arrived at 9pm, he could quite easily be declared the hottest man on the planet. With no respect to Borat, the removal guys ended up being Kazakhstani.

Not much fun on the hottest, longest day of the year, the temperatures soaring high into the 90s. At least the Wi-Fi works.

PS Want to say a big thanks to Jennifer and Sanjay for helping with the move over the weekend.


ellen charge said...

hope u find ur new home comfy and more roomy so stupid that people fail to turn up u coudl cclass them with soem nurses rite overe here there r tradesmen that dont turn up at our holiday house if we need a tradesman we ask a relative our backyard got holes in it that the blumber was mean to come back and fix went away for six weeks three year lata hasnt been seen since

Jacob's mum said...

Hope you all settle in well to the New Home...loved reading about your trip to the UK (except the scary moments) shame we didn't get to hook up, maybe next time you are over ;-)
Hope the new nurse works out well and you get to relax a little once the unpacking is done.
Alexis xx

Amélie said...

Catherine I was exhausted reading the move and I am not pregnant...make sure you try and rest too much is not good and get those legs elevated !!

from the student midwife approaching her final year...scary thought!!

hugs Les and Amélie xx