Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prayers for Dylan

Update - surgery was a big success. Went into Children's on Saturday to visit and see the brave boy in his recovery. With time, life will be so much easier for them all and Dylan continues to grow and develop.

Reuben signing 'milk' to Dylan

Prayers and thoughts for Dylan for his surgery on 10th July. We had a great day with them on 4 July watching the fireworks over the Ocean at Palos Verdes, their apartment looking over the cliff at the base of which, the smooth skins of dolphins and surfers frollicked together in the so still water, but a soft warm breeze passing over.

Dylan's our friend from the NICU, bed pals with Reuben both in the NICU and the IVF lab of Dr Sam's in embryonic state, born at 29 weeks and having undergone so many challenges since, this surgery will mark the reversal of his colostomy and hopefully the last of Dylan's major surgeries. We send him our prayers and thoughts for a successful surgery and a strong recovery.

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ellen charge said...

been thinking of him wonder how they r all goin