Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home sweet home!

Thanks for your messages, your visit to the hospital Victoria (Moriah's mummy) just moments after we left... sorry. And all the calls from friends near and far and Jason's family for your offers to fly over.

Just gone 16hrs without a throw up until his usual morning nebuliser/secretion build up throw up. Hurrah! I slept with Reu on the Shaker bed beside him at home whilst Jason slept in a proper bed and I notice this morning he has only just had a shower. I told him there was no point him disinfecting the toys and blankets and my skirt (Kristi, I believe it's saved although I guess it'll never quite be white white again) if he's walking around like an overgrown infestation of pseudomonas and everything else you catch in hospital. Yet why is that despite the pregnancy stuff, I haven't been non morning-sickness sick since Reu's been with us? Am I completely immune or do I just take the lion's share of sleep every night.

Just before discharge, I spotted Dr F, one of Reu's cardiologists from a year back and rather uncooly went running out into the corridor to see him and say "Quick, come and see Reuben". Well you would, wouldn't you, if that certain Dr F so closely resembles Brad Pitt.

Reu awoke this morning and I only had to say "I love mama" once and he signed all three words back. I actually think he deserves to be signing "I love daddy" considerably more right now as Jason hasn't left his side since Wednesday. Reu loves the game of "I I I", "You you you", "I, you, I, I, you, I, you" that we play and he almost tests us alternating between "I" and "you" in sign so fast that we stumble over our tongues and laugh away. And said game is often interjected with "love" just to push us even further.

Kristina back from Portland tomorrow. He'll be so excited to see you again!

PS re the little girl next to us in hospital. As you say Kristi and indeed my friend Janelle has mentioned it before, you just don't know the circumstances of other families and why there may not always be there. I know they must be coping as best they can after a YEAR in hospital.

* * *

PSS Been a very tough week. Because I wasn't able to devote the time I needed to the change of tenancy for the 3 days in hospital (despite my explanations, there didn't seem to be an understanding of a lack of at hand business facilities in the hospital), despite having worked on things solidly for the last couple of weeks, the deal with our new tenants on the house in London has fallen through. I'm not sure what will happen now with mortgage payments and the like unless we can miraculously find a new tenant. It's been a bad few weeks of going back and forward on contracts and with Reuben being sick, what I needed like a hole in the head. Lovely news to get home, this being just a fraction of the property-related (flood, broken boiler, legal battle) issues we're stuck with. I'm ready to give up the property game that's for sure and yearn for things to be simpler.


hannah m said...

So glad to know your Sweet Reuben is home again. Be well, all of you!

ellen charge said...

yay hes home and has the one next to u been in a YEAR i knwo a friends whos been in five eyars that was hard yet ehr fam were there everyday or about five days a week or six even if they werent there the seventh they had to drive an hour to get to the hosp my longest one nine months must b so hard opn the fams love u heaps xxxxxxxxxxxx

Eva Nichole said...

Glad he is home and I hope he is feeling himself real soon.
Crystal and Eva