Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jason & Kristina take Reu to ER

Been up much of the night and Reu's thrown up maybe 6 times since, violent retching and throw ups of formula/Pedialite mix, still no fever. How can there possibly be anything left in his stomach? It's been 5 days. I give him a Pedialite bolus on my lap over a long period and that comes back up too. I have to lie down now and get to the chiro later. Kristina arrives early thankfully. Jiffy the trach nurse has called ahead to the ER to get Reu seen to straight away. Don't know what's causing this. In OT yesterday all he wanted to do was cuddle me. So unlike him to be clingy and yet in between constant luminous yellow diarrhea no doubt from the Pedialite and throw ups, he's happy and signing and active. I send them off with Reu holding a little bottle of Pedialite after he so sweetly signs "Drink". He's signing "Love Mama" from his carseat as I stand on the porch. I hope he sleeps in the car like I'm about to now. I miss him already.

20th August, a year since Reu's life changing heart surgery. Has it really been a year since that momentous day?


Eva Nichole said...

Poor Reuben, I hope he feels better soon and I hope you can get some rest.
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

Oh, dear, what a big day! All positive thoughts are being sent Reuben's way to be feeling well soon! What a sweetheart he is, signing "love mama." Melts my heart!

I've been trying to think if I might mark Viv's heart surgery date with some kind of new tradition - because, like you say, it was such a life changing surgery. Those "anniversaries" are hard for me to ignore without some little way of marking it. Look at how far your sweet boy has come in a years' time - so inspiring to me!

Victoria Nelson said...

Praying for sweet Reu to feel better. Let us know if we could be of any help. We're in the area.

ellen charge said...

wow hope hes better soon update on wat happend

MK said...

hope Reu feels beeter quickly. Lucas has had a minor round of gagging this week, might be getting a bug from his new classmates... ... Praying for you both to get well very very soon!!