Monday, August 4, 2008

The men with no heads

Mama, today you took me to a place with Daddy, and you were both looking at lots of things I don't know the names of yet. And then you stopped by something which has quite shaken me since whilst you do that thing with your mouth when words come out and which I'm yet to master. So anyway, back to the scary thing. I'm sitting in my pram and I look up and see not one but two men without heads and I really don't understand why the body goes all the way up to the neck and then there's nothing. It's just cut off. I can't fathom what they are. As you and daddy know, I'm a completely unfussy baby, I've never had a tantrum, gone off on one, nor am I ever really scared about anything. I'm just a cool kind of happy kid. I then found when I looked around that there was a lady next to the men and she too had no head. I wonder why you were both smiling down at me, but I'm only glad you saw that I was scared and bemused and looked lovingly into my eyes for reassurance and then wheeled me away.

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