Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hidden Treasures

My computer is out of disk space once again so that forced me into looking back over the last year and getting rid of some unwanted photos (20k) and of course finishing my 365 Project. I've always hated to delete any pics of Reu, but when, on occasion, I've taken 64 shots of the same view, I think I can be a bit more selective.

And in the process, I came across shots I took of Reu in January that I've never seen before. I know every mother must feel the same, but I just can't believe how beautiful and luminous my boy is here. For now, I just want to soak up these lost treasures. There's so much behind these, his little smile creeping across his face, his perfect cupid's bow, the cosiness, reaching out to me, the dishevelled hair, the love and glint in his Irish eyes, memories of the days when he'd play endlessly with his toes. I think the first is my favourite portrait of Reu that I've taken (or is it No. 3 or 5?) and how sweet he's inadvertently signing "blankie". So many sentiments and feelings expressed. I'm so in love with my boy. I'd love to hear if you have a favourite too.
I finished looking at them at 2am this morning. That's nesting.


hannah m said...

Oh, how fun, hidden treasure!

I love the 2nd photo and the last one...but really, they're all amazingly beautiful.

ellen charge said...

ah every pic u take of reu every new one that u post is my fave hes such a little sweety when i saw those i was oh wat a sweety how havent i ever seen them xxxxxx

Amélie said...

look how big Reuben has grown too in that time, loved the hand painting and pumpkin pictures. its very big in the states this pumkin collecting, I feel left out in the UK !!...mind you halloween is big themed too isnt it??

I got my 4oth natural birth on Monday which we are required to get to qualify!! will be thinking of you on the 6th not long now :-D

big hugs to you all xx

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

My favorite is the second pic. His face just looks so sweet, happy and peaceful and I love to see that. Also glad to hear Reu is tolerating the modified Passy Muir! That is GREAT!