Friday, October 17, 2008

My boys: Testosterone fuelled fun

How to treat kids with special needs. I love the irony of this shot

Making the bed

Mama, back off! This is man's work!

Daddy's glasses off

Photo note: I deliberately took these at very high speeds (eg ISO 400-1600) to give a grainy, raw, docu-style appeal and thus convey the desired mood. I think we often strive for picture-perfect sharp shots and here I wanted to move away from that to highlight the action. The top pic is one my favourite ever shots. I love the love between them, the fact that Reu loves a bit of rough and tumble when Daddy gets home from work. PS The irony of these shots is that it was Jason who threw up 30 minutes later...


hannah m said...

I love all your photos, but this series is definitely at the top of my favorites! Such sweet, perfect and magical moments you've captured. These are the photos you'll look back on in a few years' time and be so, so glad you took. Reuben is just so precious!

Jennifer said...

These pictures are AWESOME!!!! He looks like such a big boy standing up! xoxo

ypersico said...

these pictures are priceless - well all of them are- however, something about these simply melt my heart and overflow it with joy! So much joy in Jason's face - all those hours of worry made the vessel for joy greater..... I asked Keith to watch the video of Reuben at Las Vegas - for Keith looked so much the same at that age - holding the rail, bopping up and down, reaching to the side. I think it brought Keith much joy to know how sweet it was. Your family is beautiful and I love checking your blog - you respond to all the circumstances with such love and constance. All our best to you anf your always- ~y

Anonymous said...

Oh Catherine I love this photos and see why the top one is your favourite - mine too! I always love looking through your photos!


Kirsty C