Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas party

My favourite memories from the party today at home.

watching Reuben raucously laugh at Jaxon as the two play bang the big red playroom table in unison...............................stroking Gracie's silken hair and feeling her hand unfold and wrap round mine, a look of pleasure on her sweet face...........Preston's open arms to be held...the warmth, love and inherent kindness of the Swann children..................the promise of happy days to come with their move here...the sounds of happy children's voices and tracheal breathes...Reuben riding the red nosed reindeer lit by the fairy lights beside the tree, his beautiful eyes so full of love, his hands tentatively touching the silver bauble onto which we are both reflected... the basket of clementines, their glossy green leaves and the gorgeous scent from their skin.........the taste of British mince pies in my mouth....Jennifer's delightful embossed tree ornaments for the boys with their little names, heirlooms for all their Christmas trees to come... the happiness of Reu nestled between his two nurses Kristina & Jenn, here as guests beside the tree....................the peace of two healthy boys in my 16 year old second cousin Kyle on the sofa cradling Callum, feeling heavy lids and nodding to the sound of his little breaths and gasps of contentment, the joy of having the Olsen family to share the day with

..........the guests long departed, looking down at Snuggles on my lap in his Santa outfit, a little My first Christmas sock carelessly being fiddled in my hand, the other hand cradling my son, I haven't held you much today my little love, sharing the warmth of his body, hearing his soft breaths, little coos and sighs in his sleep, his little hands curled around my single finger, the house otherwise silent, the tree lights twinkling and new memories grown like vines all around me... tiredness setting in yet knowing this is a moment I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

Self portrait of me and Snuggles in that moment

Jennifer has been exceptionally kind to Reuben and I'm pleased to have captured an essence of that here

In the midst of everything Kristi's been busy with, she had these wonderful laminated ABC song slides made up along with the Powerpoint presentation. Looking forward to using them with Gwen although I'm loathe to take off the lovely ribbon and note! And a glorious citrus basket and gift for Callum which I'm saving for Christmas Day.

The Flock of Swanns with whom we have so much in common. Preston was born one week after Reuben and Kristi is Reuben's friend in CHARGE. We met at the CHARGE conference in July 07 for a couple of minutes in an elevator, they visited us just after Reuben's heart surgery in August 07 and are now near neighbours to us in LA

Kristi & Miss Gracie. Kristi has that rare quality of being as beautiful on the inside as on the outside

Nurses Jenn (nights) & Kristina (days) with Reuben. Finally, finally blessed with two great nurses giving Reuben and our family such great stability!


Sara said...

You have such a lovely way with words. You should be an author.
Sounds like you had fun.
Much love xxx

Eva Nichole said...

Sounds like a lovely day, enjoy the rest of your blessed year.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Very poetic and lovely.
Very happy for you.
Very Holiday expressions.


N. Jenn

hannah m said...

Lovely, lovely moments captured... I'm so moved!

Kristi said...

Thank you so much, again, for including us. It was such a wonderful afternoon! And, thank you for your kind, kind words.
I did not want to leave. We had waited to get ALL of us together for so long... it was like a dream come true!
As much as I was (to use your word) "loathe" to go, especially just as Jennifer and her family arrived (I have so wanted to meet them all after "meeting" them through your blog!), I was so happy to see Gracie signing, "Go home" knowing that she was thinking of our new home!
She was, of course, quite content once she got in the car and so we drove around looking at lights for a bit to extend the time of her tube feeding! :-)
Would love copies of the photo of all of us and the one of me and my girl... I LOVE that picture! :-)
Thank you!!!!

Amélie said...

how wonderful you got to meet up with Gracie Kristi and Family, those are the best ever days with so much in common. We hope to meet up with a UK family over Christmas we have never met I am so excited and hope it goes ahead smoothly (no sickness !!)

Wishing you all a Wonderful Christmas and New Year frome the Chan's in the UK xx