Sunday, January 25, 2009

ABC in less than 3

There's a wonderful thing we've got going on. As soon as Reuben catches sight of the wonderful Alphabet Song laminate cards which Kristi so kindly made for us, he jumps in signing Apple.

In this video, the reasoning behind the speed at which I'm presenting him with the flashcards is twofold:

1. He completely enjoys racing through the signs with me, getting faster and faster each time. That's our little game. The excitement over "window" is that it's one of his favourite signs; and

2. Callum can be heard in the background with increasing urgency in his voice so I knew we were working against time on this.

Signing based on pictures is a new departure for us as, although we had a poor man's version of the Alphabet Song slides ourselves which cannot be said to rival Kristi's, I was more consistently saying the word and having Reuben sign. That he can translate what I'm saying and what he's seeing into sign is a beautiful leap. The other thing is, nobody tells you how to do any of this; you just make it up as you go along.

And yes, I'm pretty bad at signing with my left hand so apologies to ASL purists.


MK said...

Reuben's development is really truly awesome, I would venture to say that most toddlers his age don't even have a vocabulary near what his is in signing. Congratulations on the walking also, what a milestone!!!!

ypersico said...

EXCELLENT SIGNING BOTH OF YOU!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 :o) Amazing, wonderful, joyous and delightful!!!!! (p.s. We used "bone + picture for x-ray :o) ) LOVE, y and family!!

JoJo61x said...

Fantastic Reu keep up the excellent work - I can't believe how your coming on - leaps and bounds!!!!

Eva Nichole said...

Great job Reuben!!
Crystal and Eva

amy and mighty max said...

Super duper job to all of you! AMAZING!

Sara said...

Awesome. I'm in tears watching that. My girls are nowhere near that yet.
Congratulations. I'll say it again - Reu is bound for great things.
Much much love
Sara, Julianne & Rachel xxx

Kristi said...

So very impressive!
The post about his standing and walking is beautifully expressed. I am so proud of him and all he continues to accomplish! Truly a miracle.

hannah m said...

How did I miss this post?!! :-)

This makes me so so happy! When Viv gets up from her nap, I'm going to show her this - "Signing Time with Reuben and Catherine"! Reuben, your joy is inspiring, and I learned several signs I hadn't known before by watching you!