Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All clear for Thursday's surgeries

Reuben has the all clear for surgeries this Thursday:

* ENT - removal of granuloma in his ear, replacing ear tubes, full L&B scope to assess how his throat is healing from damage caused by the ventilator and re his laryngeal malatia and whether the vocal chords are moving (he's not able to vocalise which is worrying)

* Urology - 2nd stage descension

Please keep our son in your thoughts and prayers. We're feeling anxious.


Jojo61x said...

I hope all goes well. Good luck little fella will be thinking of you.

Geraldine said...

Catherine - wishing Reuben all the best for his forthcoming surgeries.

Lots of love
Geraldine xx

hannah m said...

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you all. We will never get used to handing our babies over for surgery, will we, Catherine? - no matter the procedure or how many times we've been down that road before.

My wish and hope for you is that you'll feel a little bit of extra peace and comfort knowing that friends are thinking and praying for Reuben, you and Jason and the doctors. Let us help you carry that burden of worry, friend!

Hugs and kisses to Sweet Reu. Take care of you, too.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about Reuben and your family. I'm sure all will go well ... he's a tough little boy.
Love, Tracy K.

Sara said...

We'll be thinking about you. Huge hugs to all and kisses from Julianne and Rachel for Reuben. I'll be checking here frequently.
Much much love
Sara, Jules and Rach xx

Eva Nichole said...

I will be thinking about him tomorrow and keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.
Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

I know you have awaited tomorrow's procedures, especially ENT, with bated breath.
We are thinking of Reuben - - and all of you - - always.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Lots of prayers for Reuben and the family. We have sweet, precious Reuben on our hearts.
the Nelsons

jennifer.jaxonsmom@gmail.com said...

He'll do great! Maybe they'll find some miraculous discoveries with his vocal cords!!!

Jennifer, Brian, Jaxon & April

The Claytons said...

I always come and visit your blog but never have posted - wanted to let you know that we will be praying for your little guy tomorrow on his surgeries.

Keeping Reuben in our thoughts and prayers,


ellen charge said...

sending hugs update pls

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Hi> I am new to your blog. I arrived here after searching google for bleeding with ear tube surgery. My son had ear tube surgery and a bunch of urology surgeries on Tuesday.

We are also familiar with laryngomalacia and the g-tube nissen.

I have enjoyed looking around at all your photos and other recent posts. I just looked up CHARGE syndrome. My son has another syndrome, but this is the first time I had heard of CHARGE.

I hope the surgeries went quite well.