Friday, January 9, 2009

Brothers in arms

Can't describe the joy of watching MY BOYS, plural, together looking up at me

Early this morning, the little rascal Callum woke us up at 230am, 530am and 7am for feeds when mostly recently he's been sleeping through the night. He won't stop growing and is now 13.5lbs. A glorious moment captured here this morning. Reuben stroking colicky Callum's back. I like to use this time to juggle the boys, nursing Callum whilst doing sign review with Reuben, running through his 120 signs. Reuben will often babble in sign to himself or at the creak of a door sound I make, he will sign back Door-Keys-Window in rapid succession, at the sound of a car, he'll sign back Car-Airplane-Boat-Bus, at the mention of please, he'll sign back Please-Sorry-Thankyou, a wonderful understanding of word association. He signs colours, animals, letters, modes of transport, sweet little sentences, but his favourite is currently All done, I guess his version of No!


Eva Nichole said...

Very sweet pictures and videos, I have tried to take the pictures myself like you did with the kids but it never turns out right and I hate myself in pictures which is why I am always behind the camera.
Good luck with everything,

Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

SO sweet! :-)

hannah m said...

Viv and I just watched this lovely little snippet of your boys - so precious. Vivian smiled so BIG and stopped grabbing at her hearing aid for a few seconds - a small miracle on this particularly grabby morning! The boys are growing up so beautifully together.

MK said...

how precious!!