Sunday, January 18, 2009


Honest post. Not sure how long we'd plan to live here in the US, but it took so very long to get settled in Florida then here in LA. I'm desperately homesick right now, miss my family so much. Jason has just got his Green Card which has taken a few years, the irony in that. Mine will follow soon. I have met so many wonderful people here who've been so very giving and that helped me feel more settled. Sun's out today, but I'm feeling very sad. I guess I've been homesick for 6 years and it's tough. How did my Auntie Angie cope when she burnt her bridges, sailing from Scotland to New York in the 50s knowing she would not see her family for years. 8 years. It must have caused her great pain. I haven't seen my family since June. It hurt at the birth, it hurt at Christmas, it hurts today. The recession has made life tough. Bring on Obama.


TiaChica said...

sending you strength!

Kristina said...

Thankfully, you will be with them soon enough. I'm so sorry you miss them so much but I understand completely.

All my love,

Mary said...

Reuben is beautiful! He always has the most pleasant expression on his face. It will be great fun when he and Callum can play together.

I sure being homesick is difficult for you. As a parent, I can appreciate how much your famly misses you, Jason, Reuben and Callum.

Appreciate the sunshine. We have two inches of snow here in Charleston, WV.

Sara said...

Sending you huge hugs from across the pond. Hope you will be here again soon - would love to see you all again.
Love the pictures of Callum - what a gorgeous little boy.
Hugs from us all
Sara, Julianne & Rachel xxx

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

So sorry to hear you've been homesick. You've been heavy on my heart since reading this post. Praying for lots of peace and comfort for you, Jason, and the boys.
Love always,
p.s. new pics of callum are absolutely precious. i can't wait to get home and have you take more incredible photos of moriah. if only i could be as talented! =)

Eva Nichole said...

I am so sorry you are so sad and homesick. I moved only an hour from my family and I miss then everyday. I know its not quit the same but there are days I wish I had my mom next door to me.
Crystal and Eva

Jennifer said...

More more and more hugs to your little ones from your sweet arms to theirs with comfort...Keep strong...Keep healthy....

Possibly Winter Blues... as it is common...

Have you been to DESCANSO GARDENS: lots of beautiful bright colorful flowers and very blooming on Spring...



Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog form the Nelsons. I know what you mean about homesick...I moved here from Canada 20 years ago. When ever we go back for visits I cry getting on the plane. Canada is my home and always will be, however my family is here. I don't think my 4 kids would enjoy moving to 20 below after being in California there whole life!

Geraldine said...

It will be fantastic to see you at Easter as I hear from Anne you plan to come over.

Don't be too sad. Just think of all those arguments and moods you're missing. LOL.

We'll see you soon and we're also planning a trip to the states this year when the sterling calms down.
Lots of love