Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Waiting on the World to change

What a momentous day in history. Congratulations and God speed our new President! Can you imagine the weight on his shoulders right now? Both our American boys watched transfixed (thanks to Kristina's mum for hosting such a lovely inaugural party) and Callum the King of Colic actually kept quiet in due reverence throughout The Oath as the two sat sweetly side by side on my knees, Callum suckling on Reuben's arm, Callum's hand on Reuben's and Reuben not minding one little bit.


hannah m said...

Indeed! I love this photo so much. I laughed out loud because back on Election Day I took a photo of Viv and me with Obama during his speech. I thought I was being terribly clever! Your American boys are so precious - and you look wonderful (despite how the King of Colic may be impacting your sleep!).

jennifer.jaxonsmom@gmail.com said...

What a great picture! I love those boys... xoxo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

What a historical picture!

Save me a copy...

One of the treasures in life with precious moments with your little boys..

We HOPE We stay in FAITH and "yes we can" ...."God Bless America"