Sunday, February 15, 2009

More sequencing

Today Reuben sits on my lap and starts his sequencing of the Alphabet Song in sign without prompts, words, pictures or otherwise from me. He starts with Cookie and goes all the way through to Zebra and then, realising he missed out Apple and Baby at the start, finishes with those 2 words.

Cookie - Dolly - Elbow - Flower - Garden - Hammer - Igloo - Jam - Kitten - Lion - Monkey - Nose - Ostrich - Pumpkin - Quarter - Rabbit - Scissors - Tiger - Undershirt - Vacuum - Window - Xray - Yo-Yo - Zebra - Apple - Baby

Reuben is becoming brilliant at sequencing so I decided to find out more. The reason why he loves the flashcards moving at speed (which I thought was just our little game), is actually because information presented at speed is more easily apprehended by the right hemisphere of the brain and, unlike left-brain memorization, which requires conscious, directed effort, right-brain learning is unconscious and effortless. And, since babies learn at a much faster pace than adults, in order to keep Reuben's attention, I need to move quickly through the cards.

Callum must be picking up so much too during all of this, his big blue eyes on his little round bobbing face transfixed on Reuben.


Geraldine said...

Incredible progress. That's one bright little boy!

Can you email me the details of your trip to France so we can make plans to join you for a few days?

Jacob's mum said...

Wow, that's fab! Well done Reuben....
Also reading your recent posts about the sequencing and reading reminded me that Jacob has amazed us at times with his memory skills(reciting whole books etc...)I think this must be a real strength that some of the children have.
What amazing progress though for such a little boy! And how exciting for his mum... xx