Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reuben used the potty!

Saturday Update: Reuben has since gone to the potty each time he's been to the potty and yesterday peed a whole pee worth! Thought it made a wonderful abstract (unpublished) photo, so beautiful was the little golden lake!

Thanks to Kristina too for helping us reach this wonderful milestone within a week of potty training.

Kristina's photo of the big event

Oh my! I've been lying down (can't believe I'm sick again, very inconvenient) and Kristina shouted for me to come in.

Reuben has been to the potty!!! and when I arrived I saw another few drops coming out too. Hurra


Jenn said...


Great job MUM ....!!!!

and ...what a capture Kristina!!!


Reuben looking very busy with Callum looking up to him!!!

What a stepping stone for these
two learning little youngsters....

Good job you guys...!!

From JGF

Kristi said...

LOVE seeing this!
Great job, Reuben!
I love cracked up at the fact that he's reading... get him a newspaper!
And, Callum looks HUGE sitting there in his seat.
They are both changing so fast!

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!!! Looks like Callum is in training too! :)


Jojo61x said...

Well done Reu - keep up the good work all x x

hannah m said...

So cute!

skeybunny said...


Way to get an early start!

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan