Monday, February 2, 2009

This is London

Parliament, 2 February 2009

A snowman reads the Evening Standard, the "This is London" newspaper in one of London's many Royal Parks

My home town, London, under a beautiful blanket of snow and the UK is hit by an unprecedented Arctic storm. For the first time in London's history, the whole bus network was closed down. Not even during the Blitz of World War II did that happen. Stay warm and safe everybody!
PS Started eating some toast again today and feeling much better with thanks! Not a healthy weekend!


Sara said...

Lovely lovely snow! I was sent home from work early yesterday and off today, even though the snow isn't too bad here (worse at school - on a big hill).
Lots of pics of the girls in the snow on their site!
Glad you're feeling better.

hannah m said...

Sigh. So, so pretty! The last time I was in England it was January - and we had gorgeous sunny, crisp weather until we got back to London, where it snowed the most perfect snow. It was the first time I stood in snowfall, and I will never forget it! (Yes, I'm a California girl through and through!)

(Hope you continue to be on the mend...)

Kristi said...

Hope you are well and the Reuben is feeling back to himself, too!

Jacob's mum said...

Snow is melting now and it's that awful slippery ice and sludge!
Jacob's school re-opened today much to his delight. Have just written a long overdue blog post about him and the changes we have seen since he started school! A SuperCharged explosion of expressive language!
Hope you are all recovering, especially Reu after his recent operation which sounding throughly harrowing for you all. Following your blog as always just always get distracted by our Reuben before I get a chance to post. Lots of love, Alexis, over in the snowxx

Chell said...

glad you are on the mend. The snow is really pretty. Ali didn't really seem too impressed by it or by her daddy's feeble attempt at a snowman.
hope you continue to get better and the boys are okay
love chell (ivillage)

Eva Nichole said...

Looks like us here in Illinois!! LOL! Just not as many beautiful buildings...LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Paulo said...

Beautiful London and snow.
I'm jealous. I live in Brazil, this is hot like hell.