Friday, February 20, 2009

Vision update

Thanks everyone for your kindness. The comments have been an enormous help, practically and emotionally.

The optometrist at the Child's View vision centre was able to offer some hope. She believes that the significant astigmatism in his right (non-coloboma) eye could be attributed to the Asian fold of his eye. Basically the lid on that eye is pushing down and thus contorting his vision and in her experience, when cosmetic surgery is undertaken to correct the fold (which has been suggested by Cranial Facial Clinic), it can relieve the pressure and thus reduce the astigmatism. Will discuss with eye Dr and CFC when we see them in April.

Also the results of -6 and -3 are positive numbers. When you make them into negatives we get numbers like -1.5 and -1 and my short sightedness is -2 in each eye which isn't that bad. So, astigmatism aside, he's not as short sighted as me. Apparently opthalmologists write them one way and the rest of the world write them another. Anyway, what I'm saying is the numbers aren't acute as was first thought.

Have ordered some flexible frames given the number of bumps Reuben gets with his walking (he's now pushing away our hands in PT when he walks between Jason and Carrie so he can walk from a standing position) and Medical cover the lenses. We didn't think the Medical frames would last jig time. We're getting in transition lenses so that he won't need to change to sunglasses outside. She did warm me that I'd be alarmed when I do see him wearing glasses though. I'll just have to keep focusing on his such beautiful eyes behind the lenses.


Kristi said...

GREAT news!
Our opthamologist was very careful about mentioning the number discrepancy when she handed me Gracie's first prescription. I'm sorry I wasn't able to offer that feedback sooner.
Looking forward to hearing what the clinic has to say in April about surgery.

Reuben continues to punch CHARGE right in the face, Catherine, as do you. I am amazed by his abilities! The fact that he is already moving from the concrete (learning his letters) to the abstract (learning that those letters, when combined in various patterns, form another meaning - - words) is a huge development. Keep up all the good work... and remember that, despite all that he continually faces, he also continually learns, grows and THRIVES! His ability to adapt to the obstacles he faces is a testament to his spirit and the love and support he gets from his family.

hannah m said...

So glad to know you're getting answers and support...and that there's a plan. Did I tell you already that Viv's going to be getting glasses, too? (Note to self: take care of that next week!) How cute will Reuben and Viv be in their little spectacles?!!

Geraldine said...

Such good news about the vision!
I think he'll look trendy in his specs and will be used to wearing specs as he already wears his sunglasses.

A great relief to hear the vision could be improved with the op!