Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reuben walking independently

Taken a good while to post this story since he started walking in October, but here are his independent steps and football skills, the technique practised so many times, the patience of Jason and PT Carrie and the will of Reuben. I've counted a maximum of 11 steps in therapy at home. His walking from an unassisted stand is a marvellous feat, overcoming balance issues due to problems with his vestibular, weak upper body muscle tone, torticollis, 6 months down time in intensive care, visual and hearing impairment and, well, you know the rest! Extraordinary! Beautiful! Long gone are the days when Reuben used to dread physical therapy, now he greets PT Carrie with signing Frog-Dog-Monkey-Ball, each of the toys used in rotation to motivate him to cross the great divide. And as you can see, he's loving every minute of it.


Kristi said...

Just watched it three times!!!
Congratulations to ALL of you! :)

Mary said...

Oh,so wonderful!
How's your dad doing with his knees?
I have cortisone in both of mine - heck with no pain no gain.
Love you, Mary

sara said...

Brilliant! What a clever boy! LOVE the picture for 22 & 4 too.

Geraldine said...

That's brilliant!
He's quick with the steps too.
Very determined little lad, love him to bits!

Geraldine said...

And the way that little leg comes out, sooo cute!
Jason - he still loves to be thrown in the air by you...he's a boy Beckham!

Kristina said...

I LOVE this video. He's gotten so much more confident in his walking these last few months.

Miss you guys lots. Tell the boys they'll have a new ABC video when I come back :)

hannah m said...

This is a stunning video, friends! Vince, Vivian and I are so, so proud of Reuben's walking...and can see all the love that went into this accomplishment! You continue to inspire!

Candi said...

Yeah Reuben!!! So incredible! And I bet it is not a moment too soon. Luke is working on walking, but he is not there yet. And I will be so glad when he is - he is a couple of pounds lighter than Reuben and getting really heavy to carry.

Reuben is such an inspiration to us, and we share your joy in every milestone!

Amélie said...

Wow Reuben is walking...were so jealous congrats :-D

Callum looks huge and so much like Reuben, I bet they will be great play friends for each other ! xx

Eva Nichole said...

WOW Reuben you are awesome!!
Crystal and Eva

Lorna said...

Just FANTASTIC!!!!!!

What a clever boy he is!

Love to all
Lorna & Katie

Steph said...

Wow wow wow, just magical to see him walking and captured on film too, so happy for you